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28 January 2017: 13th FSCDC “Tea Dance”

Once again it was time: The FSCDC invited everyone to its (meanwhile to be considered traditional) “tea dance”. The wintry cold and the number in the event's title, distasteful to those suffering from triskaidecaphobia, could not prevent 18 dancers from near and far to join us in Sindlingen.

The first hurdle that presented itself: Due to a wedding in the St. Dionysius church, most parking spaces in front of the parish centre were occupied, so that some of us were faced with an unexpected stroll … but fortunately that wasn't a real problem.

Under the motto, “An Afternoon for the Birds”, Anselm taught a number of dances dedicated to our feathered friends. This included some fairly demanding choreographies like John Bowie Dickson's Reel of the Puffins, which our guests however managed to perform mostly without a hitch.

Of course there was another extended tea and coffee break (thanks are due to Birgit, Edda, Julie and Sabine for contributing cake) and an after-session at the always-popular “Pizzeria Cassavia”. All in all a very nice and successful afternoon (and evening)!

Dance List

1The JackdawJ324/4LDix: Reel Friends 2
2The Celtic KiwiR323/4LDrewry: Bankhead 1
3Duckies in the BathS323/3LBrown: Cathkin Collection
4Reel of the PuffinsR324/4LDickson: Dunedin 5
5Spring ChickenJ403/4LHughes: Leeds Silver Thistle
6The Golden EagleS323/4LAndrews: Edinburgh 90
7Never at SeaR486/6LHaddow: Pillings 9

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