Frankfurt Scottish Country Dance Club e.V.

Scottish Dancing in and around Frankfurt, for everyone

Class 2018, Third Quarter

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See below for schedule.
7 p.m. – 10 p.m.
Frankfurt Scottish Country Dance Club
IGS Herder
Wittelsbacher Allee 6, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Anselm Lingnau
Dagmar Suhm
Birgit Stefanowicz

This is our weekly general class, catering to dancers of all ages and abilities. The hall opens at 7pm (so people can get changed) and we usually start at 7.15pm with a warmup and a technique class until approximately 8.30pm. This is intended to cover various aspects of SCD technique such as footwork, formations, phrasing, and covering and serves to bring newcomers up to speed and keep experienced dancers on their toes. After a short interval we continue from approximately 8.40pm with more »social« dancing, which gets everyone dancing together and normally includes both dances that apply points from the technique class as well as dances from upcoming social programmes in the area. Explanations are restricted to a minimum, and we usually reserve one or two of the dances to experienced dancers. The class finishes at around 9.45pm with a brief cool-down and time to change back into street clothes, and various members adjourn to a nearby Italian restaurant for drinks or a meal.

We charge a quarterly fee of €20 from regular members (€15 from members of the RSCDS). Guests and newcomers are very welcome and don't have to pay anything.


1 7.8.2018

Rhein-Main-Mini-Social (nicht anfängergeeignet/not suitable for beginners)

2 14.8.2018

Offizieller Beginn des Tanzunterrichts nach den Sommerferien – Anfänger willkommen!/Official start of the class after the summer break – Beginners welcome!

3 21.8.2018

Tanzliste/List of Dances

4 28.8.2018

Tanzliste/List of Dances

5 4.9.2018

Tanzliste/List of Dances; FSCDC-Info 36/2018

6 11.9.2018

Tanzliste/List of Dances; FSCDC-Info 37/2018

7 18.9.2018

Tanzliste/List of Dances; FSCDC-Info 38/2018

8 25.9.2018

Tanzliste/List of Dances; FSCDC-Info 39/2018

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