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SCD Teachers' “Unconference”

We're trying something new: an “unconference” for SCD teachers (with or without an RSCDS certificate, with or without a regular class, or “just” with an interest in teaching).

An “unconference” is a meetup of like-minded people. Unlike at organised “conferences” there is no predetermined schedule or agenda and – as far as possible – no specially-invited presenters. Instead, the principle is that anyone who attends can contribute something of interest. At the beginning, we will be collecting topic suggestions and decide together how much time each topic should be allotted. Within this framework, anything goes – participants could, for example, offer to give a (brief) presentation or a quick workshop with practical exercises on a topic, but anything else will be welcome as long as it is to do with SCD! In other words: We don't know what will be happening but we're pretty sure that it will be interesting, exciting, social, and informative.

Right now we're looking for the best date. See the Doodle survey at

The venue will be Anselm and Marie's apartment in Mainz, Germany (Bahnweg 71). We have a comfortable living room and a “dance hall” (with room for two 3-couple sets) and can therefore split up for a while if that seems useful. Presentation equipment (video projector, flip chart/whiteboard) and a piano are also available.

Possible timing:

10am-10.30am Initial phase (topic collection)
10.30am-1pm Topics
1pm-2pm Lunch break
2pm-4.30pm Topics
4.30pm-5pm Coffee break
5pm-7pm Topics (if desirable)
7pm-8pm Dinner
8pm- Social Dancing

We will be providing food for the lunch and coffee breaks (bread, sausage, cheese, vegetarian options, … and cake). Drinks will also be available. For dinner, anyone who would like to stay can join in a pizza order, and after that there will be social dancing for as long as we want and our legs keep up.

Our place is conveniently reached by car or public transport. And if anyone wants to stay over: The “Hotel am Hechenberg” is a 4-minute walk away and looks fairly reasonable if plain (we haven't seen it from the inside yet).

€12 for RSCDS members, €15 for everyone else (includes lunch, coffee/tea/cake and beverages)
Via the FSCDC web site, as soon as a date has been determined
Maximum number of participants
14 people
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