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29 May 2011: 32nd Scottish Highland Games in Neu-Isenburg

The 32nd Scottish Highland Games in Neu-Isenburg are synonymous with athletics, games, and fun, and are a competition in »Scottish disciplines« like weight throwing, stone putting, throwing the (rigid-handle) hammer and tossing the »caber« (tree trunk) – together with Scottish music from the Clan Pipers, Irish guitar tunes with Patrick Steinbach, sales and information booths, fish and chips, whisky – and, as before in 2009, us from the FSCDC (Anselm, Birgit, David, Dirk, Eva, Marie, Petra, Ralf, Rolf, Ulrike, and Werner on stage, Johanna and Thorsten as the logistics and video team, and Andrea for moral support) as part of the cultural programme.

For our first major display this year (and the first public presentation of our uniform ladies' outfits in off-white) we were scheduled to give two displays of approximately seven minutes each. For these, Anselm had devised mixed choreographies of well-known, well-rehearsed, and well-liked demonstration dances like Culla Bay, The Piper and the Penguin, The Wind on Loch Fyne, and The Reel of the Royal Scots, dances from this year's ball programme like Glayva and Caberfei, but also new creations like Live Long and Prosper and Schorsch Lusky's Strathspey (both strathspeys written by Anselm for two »old« Frankfurt dancers), which the dancers managed to perform without much difficulty.

Dancers and supporters met punctually at 9am at the Werferplatz, Sportpark Neu-Isenburg – it was necessary for Anselm to check out the stage (his verdict: better than in 2009, but slippery! Hence the advice to dance carefully) and for all others to change and walk through the choreographies once more, before we could solemnly march onto the field at 10am together with the athletes, Clan Pipers, and officials. Another organisational difficulty needed to be cleared up before, though. Unlike the original plan – two performances between 10am and 11am –, we were asked to perform at 10.45am and then after a longish break once more at 12.35pm. Not really a problem, but three of our dancers had other important commitments and (therefore) couldn't really stay that long. With some changes to the planning, we managed to solve this conundrum. Another special thank you to Birgit, Eva and Ralf!

Then, however, we could get started. Nearly on time at 10am we marched with the other performers into the arena, where Herbert Hunkel opened the Highland Games with a speech and the two MCs, Katharina Schmitt and Niels Mankel, who managed the proceedings quite competently, introduced the ten athletes.

After that we left the field again, led by the Clan Pipers. The games began and we waited on the side for our first performance at approximately half past ten, where owing to the organisational changes we showed the second choreography (with Anselm's Highland interlude) first. We spent the time until the next performance (with the first choreography) watching the games and sampling the Scottish food. Both performances went well without bigger problems and were appreciated by the audience with ample applause. Some interested people even addressed us directly to compliment us.

Our summary: A big thank-you to all who participated!! It was a very well-done performance where (almost) everything went according to plan: The management of the Schmidt family, the mood, the audience, the dance performance and the weather. Neu-Isenburg, we'd love to be back in 2013 …

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