Frankfurt Scottish Country Dance Club e.V.

Scottish Dancing in and around Frankfurt, for everyone

History: FSCDC Performances

Here are a few performances from before the event log (which was started in early 2007) – without claiming completeness:

  • 1961 at the Palmengarten under the auspices of »More Beautiful Frankfurt«
  • 1964/65 in Königstein at the theology seminar, before folk dance experts
  • 1966 at the Festliche Tage der Deutschen Jugend (Solemn Days of German Youth)
  • 6 January 1967 in Frankfurt at the end-of-year ball of the Frankfurt Skal Club (travel agency leadership personnel)
  • End of the 1960s: VdK party in Sulzbach (special guest, but not for SCD: Luis Trenker)
  • Höchster Schlossfest
  • Smugglers Inn (James's watering hole in Darmstadt)
  • Highland Games in Bad König
  • Kastanienallee in Darmstadt
  • approx. 1974, Frankenstein Castle: Horror performance by James at an exclusive Halloween ball for advanced dancers only, organised by dancers from Frankfurt and Darmstadt. James danced the sword dance in a skeleton costume illuminated by stroboscope, also a demonstration by a set in horror masks
  • 12 January 1988, performance in Mayence
  • 6 and 7 September 1989, performances in Mayence
  • Frankfurt Ostpark
  • 31 May 1992, performance on the Römerberg
  • 8 August 1992, performance in Sulzbach
  • 15 August 1992, performance at the wine fair in Wiesbaden
  • 25 September 1992, performance for Allianz Frankfurt (in an underground car park)
  • 2000 and 2001, Dreieich Castle
  • Performance at the foundation of the Frankfurt branch of the Bank of Scotland, in the Palmengarten: Dancers were Jack and Hannelore, Dagmar and Anselm, and Edith Sommer (née Widany, from Munich) and Schorsch. Peter Bergschmidt played the pipes.
  • 19 June 1999 on the Paulsplatz in Frankfurt (multi-cultural celebration)
  • 3 to 5 October 2003: »Schotten-Festival« in Schotten (Vogelsberg); three performances (Anselm and Ulrike K. doing Highland dancing, and two country dancing performances with many members of the club)
  • 25 November 2006: 80th anniversary of the Frankfurter Tanzkreis – a big do with many participants and Peter Bergschmidt on pipes. The performance was part of a »historical review« of the Tanzkreis's activities. Our performance consisted, among other things, of marching in to the pipes, a highland fling to live bagpipe music (Jacqueline W., Ulrike K., Anselm), country dancing (Petronella, Shiftin' Bobbins), »instruction« for Scottish country dancers and other courageous people (Postie's Jig), and an audience participation dance for everyone (The Gay Gordons).

There were many other performances besides these:

  • at weddings of group members
  • at various other weddings – e.g., as a foursome at the end of the 1990s at Robert's wedding in Dreieich (Dagmar, Anselm, Christiane, Eva S.), in September 1999 for Anselm's brother's wedding at the Gimbacher Hof in Kelkheim, 2001 for Eva Schiedrum's sister near Grünberg, 2006 for David's son's wedding in Kriftel.

In addition, some FSCDC people were – occasionally together with dancers from Darmstadt – actively involved in ceilidhs and audience participation dances, or piano accompaniment at weddings or private celebrations (especially with dance instruction from Ulrike K., Anselm, or Joe Wheadon): For example at a family weekend organised by an English-speaking Protestant congregation in the Taunus (Anselm), several times at the British Women's Club of the Taunus's Burns Night with Joe as the MC in the Stadthalle Hattersheim, at the farewell party of the CIO of Thomas Cook in Oberursel (Anselm) …

About performances: »we used to rehearse a new repertoire of dances for every performance« (L.O.), »4 identical white dresses were procured for the 20th anniversary: Dagmar, now in Canada, Liesl, Ulrike, and Hannelore tailored them together« (L.O.), »with James, there was no alcohol before a performance« (L.O.) »… except in Zurich – St. Andrew's Night, where we had quite a few drinks before performing Belhaven – that was the first time the dance worked« (M.R.), »everybody laughed, including myself, when at a performance in Kastanienallee in Darmstadt I fell off the stage and slid prone under a chair, eye to eye with an equally astounded dog« (L.O.), »at a performance with Horst's camping friends in the Taunus we danced ›Robertson's Rant‹, invented freely except for the first eight bars owing to a total black-out of the complete team – everyone was allowed to decree a formation for the next eight bars – afterwards we had difficulties concentrating on the next dance for all the laughter.« (M.R.) »at Frankenstein Castle: due to the horror masks we couldn't see very well, which led to us fumbling blindly for the other dancers' hands« (M.R.) »Dem at the Wiesbaden wine festival: was really very nice and with marvellous weather« (K.W.) »Performance at the Allianz in Frankfurt, company do in the underground parking garage: Very succesful performance and enthusiastically received. Afterwards there was normal dance/disco music, and some of the group danced pas de basque to that, which intrigued many Allianz folks. They tried to imitate this in droves, some not at all badly. That was great fun.« (K.W.) »And then there was our performance with the Bees [of Maggieknockater, Ed.] in the bee costumes. Hilarious, that looked« (K.W.) »Suddenly all the spectators were gone, when the torrential rain shower started in the Ostpark right in the middle of our performance, and the pavilion tent was very crowded afterwards because everyone wanted to change clothes.« (A.E.)