Frankfurt Scottish Country Dance Club e.V.

Scottish Dancing in and around Frankfurt, for everyone


The FSCDC's teachers aim for a varied and interesting programme of dances that caters both to beginners and to more experienced dancers. We teach dances of various degrees of difficulty and the requisite technique and take into account the programmes of upcoming balls and functions.

We can go into the hall to change from 7pm. Class begins at 7.15pm with warm-up exercises for everybody. Then there is a segment aimed predominantly at less experienced dancers (or those who would like to improve) including step and formation practice and specially selected dances. This takes approximately one hour. Afterwards there is a »general« segment with dances for everybody as well as dances for the more experienced dancers – if there are enough people around and there is space available we will also split the group so the less experienced dancers will get even more opportunities to practice, before, after a break to relax and socialise, the evening finishes with everybody dancing together. At the very end some stretching will soothe the punished muscles, and from 10pm on those who want can adjourn to the nearby Italian restaurant.

If you come for the first time, please bring soft-soled gymnastics shoes or ballet pumps (available from sports shops for around EUR 15-20; get leather-soled ones, and ask us if you're in any doubt). We strongly recommend against trainers or rubber-soled shoes because of the risk of injury. Wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing. Many ladies prefer skirts. For the gentlemen, kilts are nice but not mandatory. Scottish country dancing may be somewhat strenuous, so bring a towel and/or water bottle for your comfort.

The Tuesday Log (German only) catalogues the dances taught on previous evenings, often including short descriptions (»cribs«) for reference and/or more background information about the origin or meaning of the dances.

Request dances are customarily done on the final Tuesdays before the summer and Christmas breaks, but our teachers are happy to accept requests at any point during the year – either personally during class or else by e-mail or phone. We do ask for your forbearance because requests need to be integrated into our lesson planning and so may not be acted upon during the same class or even the week after.