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Scottish Country Dancing isn’t hard – but with a little demonstration and practice it becomes a lot easier! Our most important activity, therefore, is our weekly dance night with instruction, every Tuesday (outwith the school holidays).

We endeavour to provide a varied and interesting programme that caters to both new and experienced dancers. This includes dances at various levels of difficulty and of course the requisite technique, plus (as required) preparation for balls in the vicinity or farther away.

New dancers are always welcome! If you do decide to come, though, we would appreciate a quick message so we’re forewarned and can plan the class accordingly.

Class Nights

The gymnasium of the IGS Herder opens from 7pm to change. We’re starting from 7.15pm with a communal warm-up, then there is instruction and technique until approximately 8.30pm. After a short break we continue with social dancing for everyone and possibly one or two dances for the more advanced dancers. The dance night ends at 9.45pm, and some of us like to go for drinks or a meal to a restaurant nearby.

What to Bring?

  • Curiosity and joy!
  • Comfortable, non-restricting clothing
  • Soft gymnastics or ballet shoes (with leather soles) or Scottish dance shoes (alternatively, for the first week or two, trainers suitable for school gymnasiums)
  • Water bottle, towel, hand disinfectant, …

Our Teachers

Anselm Lingnau has been dancing Scottish since 1991 and teaching at the FSCDC e.V. since the late 1990s. He focuses on the joy of dancing, but precise technique and background knowledge also get their due attention. In addition to dancing and teaching, Anselm is also active as a pianist, dance author, and composer, is involved in teacher training, and operates a SCD web site. He holds the RSCDS Teacher’s Certificate (Summer 2000 in St Andrews) and Scroll of Honour.

Dagmar Suhm has learned SCD from Carola Fischer in Schlüchtern and has been active at the FSCDC e.V. from the mid-1990s. As a teacher she brings a lot of energy and there is always a good laugh! She substitutes for Anselm during regular classes and runs the afternoon walk-through at the annual Spring Ball. Dagmar holds the RSCDS Teacher’s Certificate (Summer 2004 in St Andrews).