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History of the FSCDC e.V.

The Frankfurt Scottish Country Dance Club (FSCDC, without the “e.V.” at the time) was founded 1963 by Franziska Völker and David Morton, as part of the Frankfurter Tanzkreis (in the Frankfurter Jugendring e.V.. The founder of the Frankfurter Tanzkreis, Franz Palm, was aware of the FSCDC but didn’t do Scottish dancing himself.

The FSCDC e.V. as a separate association was founded on 13 November 2018.

Scottish Country Dancing in Frankfurt consists, for the most part, of a “general class” for dances of all ages and levels of experience. Over the years we have taught technique and dances, but having fun was always a priority. During the late 1960s and early 1970s there even was a “demonstration team” where the better dancers practiced for performances. (Today we do this more informally.)

Since 1968 there has been the Frankfurt Spring Ball, where each year almost a hundred dancers from all over Germany and neighbouring countries meet.

RSCDS Affiliated Group
As an “affiliated group” of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society (RSCDS) the FSCDC also has an international presence. We have often had short-term or even longer-term visits from dancers from abroad who spent time in Frankfurt on business or with the university. In turn, members of our group frequently visit events elsewhere in Germany and abroad, such as the annual RSCDS Summer School in St. Andrews (Scotland). This way we are connected to the world-wide SCD community.

Here are some more detailed descriptions:


These history pages were compiled under the direction of Eva Schiedrum and Anselm Lingnau. Further contributors were (in alphabetical order): Gerd Jörger, Hannelore Mansky, Hans-Georg (“Schorsch”) and Heidi Lusky, Jochen and Liesl Otterbein, Meinhard Reiser and Ulrike Köppler, and also Indra Heinz, Knut Wissenbach, Tobias Hünger and others.