Frankfurt Scottish Country Dance Club e.V.

Scottish Dancing in and around Frankfurt, for everyone

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Frankfurt Scottish Country Dance Club e.V.
Court of Registry: Frankfurt a. M.
Registry number: 16417


Chair: Kathrin Büchele
Secretary: Dirk Holger Meinecke
Treasurer: Birgit Stefanowicz
Committee Members: Anselm Lingnau, Jan Zisenis


For queries and further information concerning the Frankfurt Scottish Country Dance Club, feel free to contact us. Our e-mail address for general enquiries is

(In order not to drown in a deluge of annoying advertising mails, we apply a fairly aggressive spam filter to this address. We endeavour to answer all non-spam enquiries within a few days (usually faster); if this does not happen, then perhaps our filter has inadvertently gobbled the message. That doesn't happen often; it is fairly well broken in.)

Our teachers can be reached collectively by sending e-mail to We appreciate feedback on the planning and execution of our lessons, and welcome requests for dances or other things to teach.

Members' mailing list

Members, former members, and everyone interested in news connected with the Club may subscribe to our mailing list. Simply send a message (of arbitrary content) to; you will be sent a reply containing further instructions.

During dance periods (outwith the holidays) we try to send a weekly e-mail message that lists the dances taught at the preceding class night and contains other important (and not so important) news. Other than that, there are only occasional messages if there is something urgent to say.

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