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Scottish Dancing in and around Frankfurt, for everyone

Scottish Dance

Scottish Dancing in Frankfurt

Dancing in Frankfurt

You don't need to bring a partner for Scottish country dancing (SCD). In fact, we normally change partners several times during the evening. Usually eight people - four ladies and four gentlemen - dance together. In the dances, solo figures for the »first couple« alternate with figures involving more dancers or couples. The dances are progressive, so every couple gets to be »first couple«. We dance to vigorous »reels« and »jigs« and graceful but energetic »strathspeys« (with us, from CD only, unfortunately). More information about Scottish country dancing is available here. And you can find out more about the history of the FSCDC here.

There is also more information about our class nights.

Some notable members of the group are introduced on a separate page.

Workshops and Balls

Ball in Rechberg, 2004
More advanced dancers have the opportunity to take part in workshops or balls elsewhere in Germany (or indeed almost anywhere), because Scottish country dancing is standardized world-wide, and the community is very open and hospitable. At events like weekend workshops, dancers meet from all over Germany and Europe, we run into old friends and get to meet new ones – thus Scottish dancing actively contributes to international understanding. And if we're travelling, we always pack our dance shoes: There are Scottish dance groups from Sydney to Moscow, from New York to Tokyo, from Cape Town to Honolulu, and guests are always made welcome.

For important balls, we prepare weeks in advance in our group, so the dances will be familiar. Often dancers from our group travel together to these events. Our own Frankfurt Spring Ball takes place every year in the second half of April.

Demonstrations, Parties, Festivals, Ceilidhs and such

We like to dance at weddings, too
We are available by prior arrangement for demonstrations at parties, dance festivals and so on. Please refer to our contact information and a few testimonials, and please appreciate that we need some advance warning – we like to come, but must mobilise enough dancers.

Scottish audience participation dances as danced at »ceilidhs« (informal Scottish dance evenings) are also great fun. Ceilidh dances are simpler than country dances and do not require previous experience. Contact us if you want to add a special twist to your wedding or family event, your company »do«, street or parish festival – we enjoy explaining simple dances and can bring all the necessary equipment. And even miserly Scots will like our fees!