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Performances & Ceilidhs

Demonstrations and Displays

SCD is actually ballroom dancing which is designed to be fun to join and do. But the dances also look great on stage, and the music is really rousing! Therefore we also like to perform – at private parties of all kinds, club or company “dos” or afternoon parties at old peoples’ homes, the Ranzenbrunnenfest in Sindlingen or, for example, the Scottish highland games in Neu-Isenburg.

At performances we usually dance varied, choreographed sequences of up to 15 minutes in length which combine Scottish Country Dancing and solo dances. The details are negotiable and also depend on the context, the venue (space, floor type, …) and the available dancers. And our prices, if we may say so, are genuinely “Scottish”. We do, however, need some advance warning – at least 4 weeks ahead would be best.


A ceilidh (“KAY-lee”) is a Scottish dance evening for everyone. Whether as an “ice breaker” at a wedding party or a team event at your company celebration, our dance teachers have lots of experience getting people to dance who so far thought they had two left feet. And it is guaranteed to be a lot of fun!

We’ll be dancing simple Scottish dances with you and your guests, on a circle or in longwise sets, and everyone will be able to join in right away – to exciting Scottish music (we can provide a PA system if necessary, and we might even be able to organise live music, given enough advance warning). We just need a stable, clean floor of the appropriate size and a domestic power outlet. A ceilidh should take at least an hour to be worthwhile.

For inquiries, use our contact form or another of our contact options.

Important: As far as performances and ceilidhs are concerned, our “area of operations” includes evenings and weekends in the (extended) Rhine-Main area. There are various reasons for this, not least that most of us are busy with our jobs and families and long-distance travel with complete display teams takes up too much of our rare free time and causes considerable expenses which we would need to pass on. (Certain exceptions are possible in principle, but the bar is relatively high.) If required we’d be happy to try to put you in contact with other Scottish dance groups which are located nearer to where you are and might be able to help more directly.