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Extra Events

Beside the weekly dance night we also offer additional events. These are not just for our members but also interested people from near or far.

Spring Ball & Day School

The most important event in the FSCDC e.V.'s calendar is the annual Spring Ball – so important that it has its own page on this site!

Tea Dance

Our Scottish “tea dance” typically takes place in January. We’re dancing various dances according to a motto (or theme), with a minimum of technical explanations, and there is an ample break for tea, coffee, and cake.

Fugues Workshop

Hugh Foss’s fugues represent the crown of Scottish country dance devising. Once a year we invite advanced dancers to dance Foss fugues and other challenging dances.

Request Nights

By tradition, our last Tuesday before the summer holidays or before Christmas is given over to request dances. Everyone can ask for any dance that they liked in class, that hasn’t been danced for a while, or that seems otherwise interesting! Usually we manage a very varied and exciting programme.

Other Topics

Over the years we have held workshops about a whole lot of fascinating topics. Most of these took up an afternoon:

  • Highland Dance – Scottish solo dances to bagpipe music
  • Lord of the Rings Workshop with dances inspired by Tolkien’s novel
  • Basic Teaching Techniques for teachers and prospective teachers (1 day)
  • SCD Music for dancers and teachers
  • Formation Practice for formations and dances – how to plan and execute
  • SCD Teachers’ Unconference (1 day)